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What is Ayurveda & How Can it Help Me: An Introduction to Philosophy, Doshas, Nutrition, and You.

Learn the basics of Ayurveda with this on demand course!
Rachel Wright
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The Intro to Ayurveda Course you've been searching for.





The video course includes a workbook and is designed to keep you engaged. The videos are short and sweet, get right to the point, and teach you real ways to implement this knowledge into your real day to day life.

The course is designed in four sections with a quiz at the end of each to make sure the most important information is sticking with you.  After finishing this course you’ll understand:

the history of Ayurveda
the world view of Ayurveda
the concepts of ojas & ama
how sleep dictates health
the root cause of disease
the doshas
your own personal dosha
your current state of balance/imbalance
the doshas in time of day
the doshas in seasons

the doshas in life stages
how to use nature as medicine
how to use food as medicine
how to use movement as medicine
the six tastes
tools for balancing digestion
how to eat for your dosha
the pillars of health
the 6 stages of disease
how to read your body’s clues

Here's a peek into the first lesson!