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The Doshas: How to Live with Nature's Laws

The entire world can be a medicine cabinet.  The doshas are the labels telling us which bottle to grab.

Use this book to learn both your prakriti and vikriti. You'll understand both your born in doshas that never change as well as your current state of doshic imbalance. You be able to ask yourself questions like:

-which doshas do I have in abundance
-What doshas are weak?
-What signs is my body giving me?
-How do I correct dosha imbalances?

The doshas provide vital insight into your own personal health. Even more, they will show you how you are a part of a larger whole.

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    What's My Dosha?



    yoga & Ayurveda

    How Yoga and Ayurveda are Connected

    The Vedic worldview, or understanding the thinking in the time these wisdom texts were recorded, is really important to the connection between yoga and Ayurveda.  First, we need to understand what yoga is.  Most of us these days think of Yoga as  yoga asana, the movement classes we mostly practice here in the states.  These classes are great, and beneficial in a million different ways- but to really understand the Vedic worldview of yoga and her sister Ayurveda, let’s drop that movement class definition of yoga. 

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