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You want to enjoy your life.

Your body can be your greatest ally, or a constant hinderance.  You want to feel comfortable in your own body.  You need to feel rested to play with your kids and enjoy your friends. You want the tools to nourish the people you love the most.  This ancient wisdom is the best tool box I know for creating a body, life, and experience that revolves around joy.

Ayurveda knows you are a complex being with layers of mind, body, and soul.  Ayurveda teaches us that when all three are well balanced we produce ojas.   You can see ojas in the glowing skin and pleasant eyes of a truly well person.  It takes attention and intention to get ojas flowing, and I want it moving like a river in you!

Veda Circle is a time tested tool box of  Ayurvedic wisdom.  It’s a community for all wanting joy, rest, good food, and rituals that sustain liveliness. It’s a place to connect back to exactly what you are, nature herself.

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I am here to help.

There’s so many things we can take power and agency over to create a better life for ourselves.  I’ve seen lives change.  I’ve seen bodies heal.  I seen food, herbs, and nature used as powerful medicine. 

I appreciate the physicians who studied and dedicated their lives to service.  I know that sometimes pharmaceutical drugs are a necessary tool.  Therapy helps people.  Vaccines saves lives.  I am excited to be an ayurvedic practitioner who celebrates, refers, and recommends all healing paths, without judgement to any. 

I’m anti victim blaming.  All this talk about a person’s power to self heal can be a really slippery slope when we don’t anchor it with the full picture.  The good people in Flint Michigan got sick from their water.  You are in charge of yourself, but that’s where it ends.  We don’t personally control our water, air, soil, or genealogy and those things have an effect. 

Rachel is truly one of a kind. She doesn’t just teach yoga, she lives it, letting her love for the craft shine through her with everything.

-Sam Potter

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